NSBA Management Team

Thomas Gentzel Thomas Gentzel
Executive Director & CEO
Heather Dean Heather Dean
Deputy Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer
Rory Davenport Rory Davenport
Chief Communications Officer
Francisco Negrón Francisco Negrón Jr.
Chief Legal Officer
Verjeana M. Jacobs, Esq.
Chief Equity & Member Services Officer
Reneé B. Joe
Managing Director, Marketing and Communications
John Reeb John Reeb
Managing Director, Operations
Sonja Trainor Sonja Trainor
Managing Director, Legal Advocacy
Kanisha Williams-Jones Kanisha Williams
Managing Director, Conferences & Meetings
Claudia A. Withers
Managing Director, Equity Programs
Patte Barth Patte Barth
Program Director, Center for Public Education
Tamara Boorstein
Director of Communications
Tammy Carter Tammy Carter
Senior Staff Attorney
Valarie Carty Valarie Carty
Program Director, State Association Services
Ann Flynn Ann Flynn
Program Director, Education Innovation
Deborah Rigsby Deborah Rigsby
Program Director, Lobbying & Federal Legislation
Kathleen Vail Kathleen Vail
Program Director, Editorial Services & Publications
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