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Intro: Where the magic happens
Publisher Renée Joe previews this issue of ASBJ and its focus on education innovation.

Leadership Matters: The flavors in the middle
School boards, like ice cream vendors, understand that most customers have a taste for more than just binary choices of only this or only that, says NSBA Executive Director and CEO John Heim. He contends that many public school constituents find having a range of options quite appealing. 

President's Perspective: Innovative school leaders
Supporting a climate of innovation and creativity is vital to the health of public education, writes NSBA’s 2022-2023 President Frank Henderson Jr.


The Great Reset: Districts are using pandemic lessons to redesign and reinvent how schools operate
School systems that look as they did 20 years ago fail to prepare students for the talent pipeline this economy needs.

No More Status Quo: We need creative solutions to attract and retain teachers
As the private sector increases employee flexibility and benefits, districts must work to keep up.

Vying for Attention: Student cellphone use soared during the pandemic
Clear expectations for smartphone access and use in school minimiz­es distractions and fosters good digital citizenship.

Elements of Success: Curriculum-focused professional learning strategies for school transformation
“The Elements” offer a framework that reinforces the power of high-quality curriculum and skillful teaching.

Place, Pace, and Voice: Innovative scheduling provides opportunities for Wyoming high school students
A Magna Award-winning program allows teachers time for specialized, small group, and individual student support.

Book Review: Failure to Disrupt: Why Technology Alone Can’t Transform Education
Given the adjustments made to accommodate distance learning during the COVID-19 era, this book is especially critical and timely.

Q&A: Jean Mendoza and Debbie Reese

An encore interview with the authors of An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States for Young People, an adaptation of Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s award-winning history book. 


Urban Advocate

Rethink PE: Inequities in physical education hurt Black students
Researchers advocate for physical education programs that are more “inclusive, supportive, and empathetic.”

Ripe for Innovation: Education as Reparations
We in education must shift our mindset to correcting a system that has failed Black children and parents, writes CUBE Steering Committee Chair Micah Ali.


Communications: Mending Disconnects
Lack of trust breeds disrespect, and these attitudes must be corrected for schools and communities to thrive.

Research: Teacher Shortage
The National Labor Management Partner­ship (NLMP) guidebook highlights models that improve educational outcomes by increasing shared decision-making among all stakeholders.

Equity: More Hope Than Fear
Research shows that students with disabilities have more assets than defi­cits, more potential than challenges.

School Law: The Value of Legal Compliance
As school leaders consider how to use the law to support their educational mission, they should keep in mind the discretion they have within the law.

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Taking the Politics Out of School Safety Decisions

Why Your Administrators, Teachers, and Students Don't Stand a Chance — And What You Can Do About It