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White House Ed Transformation

NSBA Transition Recommendations

NSBA provided the Biden/Harris transition team with several nonpartisan recommendations to guide the incoming administration’s policy platform. Our recommendations address the ongoing national emergency while setting a vision for the future of public schools across the nation.

Statement on President-elect Biden’s “American Rescue Plan”

In response to the President-elect Joe Biden’s “American Rescue Plan,” NSBA Executive Director and CEO Anna Maria Chávez applauds President-elect Biden for heeding our recommendations and delivering critically needed aid to the public school districts at the frontline of combatting this pandemic.


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NSBA 2021 Online Experience

April 08 - April 10, 2021
NSBA is pleased to announce the transformation of its in-person NSBA 2021 Annual Conference & Exposition to the NSBA 2021 Online Experience. This experience will bring world-class programming, inspirational keynotes, top education solution providers, and plentiful networking opportunities. Join us on April 8-10, 2021, for a fully transformed and memorable event!

Perspectives & Blogs

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Public School Transformation Now Kickoff

NSBA hosted the inaugural event for its “Public School Transformation Now!” campaign on Oct. 27, bringing together national education experts for a conversation how to transform public school learning for each student.

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School Budget 2020-21

Enrollment numbers play a big role in determining how funding gets allocated. But the current pandemic has dramatically changed the amount of students enrolled in their local public schools. NSBA’s Center for Public Education investigates the data to explore how enrollment changes will affect K-12 funding.

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Remote Learning versus Refreshing Changes in Public Schools

The pandemic has highlighted many areas that need improvement in the American education system. NSBA’s Center for Public Education analyzed data collected during remote learning to assist school leaders in making informed decisions that will promote positive transformations in education.


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