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An Inaccurate Census Count Jeopardizes Educational Opportunities

The ability of public schools to carry out their mission will be severely undermined if the federal government undertakes measures such as the inclusion of a question on citizenship in the Decennial Census, which U.S. Census Bureau and survey experts predict will undercount the number of children and families our schools serve.

ElizaBeth Branham

President’s Perspective: The Power of "Just One"

NSBA’s 2019-20 President ElizaBeth Branham discusses her family's deep ties to public education, reminding our 90,000 school board members that they are just one of the hundreds of thousands of school leaders and educators but that their collective power and voice is strong.


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CUBE 2019 Annual Conference - Smiling Girl

CUBE Annual Conference

Miami, FL September 26 - September 28, 2019


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Tom on Point: The "Invisible Fences" of Education

Executive Director and CEO of NSBA Thomas J. Gentzel discusses the way school officials find themselves tightly restricted by limitations of their own making.

Linking LifeReady Skills to Transition in Special Education

Special education students enrolled in career technical education classes demonstrate better school completion and graduation rates. They also equip students with the important skills needed to succeed in life, helping them transition into adulthood and close the achievement gap.

From “Educating Peter” to Serving More Students with Special Needs

In 2017-18, approximately 6.9 million students attended special education in K-12 public schools. As participation rates continue to grow, a fully-funded Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is more important than ever.


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