Online only: Support for High-Quality Instruction

There is no end to the innovative technology solutions available to teachers and school districts these days. Few of these tools, however, are designed by teachers for teachers, and fewer still offer vetted high-quality content, lesson plans and teaching strategies along with annotated videos—and certainly none offer all these elements integrated together and easily searchable, with a focus on mathematics. Teacher Advisor With Watson, an innovative professional development resource aims to change all that.

Online only: A Framework for Supporting All Students

One-size-fits-all no longer works in schools

Steve Goodman and Hank Bohanon​

Online only: Discipline and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Schools are doing a disservice to black male students in regards to discipline

R.L. Booker Jr.​

Public Advocacy: Public Comments

Community input at meetings presents challenges and opportunities

Glenn Cook

Engaging the public around key issues involving local school districts is, at best, a complex task. As school board members, you often are forced to straddle a tough line between community concerns and what’s best for your district’s students and staff. 

President’s Perspective: Take stock of ‘soft’ skills

So much of students’ learning and achievement is measured through their performance on state and national standardized assessments. As a result, school boards often spend considerable time reviewing the results of these assessments, identifying performance gaps across various demographics and content areas, and directing the development of plans to address those gaps. Tests and performance assessments however, only present part of the student achievement story.

Tom on Point: Picking the wrong fight

Let’s be honest: Not everyone likes public education. Some people are committed to undermining this institution by depriving it of necessary funding, burdening it with excessive regulations, and deliberately painting it as a failure despite overwhelming evidence that it is educating more students at a higher level than ever before. If you’re determined to hurt public schools, truth-telling hardly serves your purpose.


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