Ready to Learn: Student and District Success with School Breakfast

By Brie Doyle, Ph.D.

Every school stakeholder hopes that students arrive school with a hunger to learn each day. However, far too many students miss a morning meal, resulting in hunger for food, not knowledge.

Women in Leadership

By Monica E. Goldson, Ed.D, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Prince George’s County (Md.) Public Schools

I never expected to spend my career in public education, much less lead one of the nation’s largest school systems. And I never thought I’d be among only a handful of women to hold the top job.

Preferred Provider School Counseling Model

Everett Public Schools sees cost savings with increased service to students and families

Michael R. Baldassarre

Whether pursuant to an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or not, many students require and benefit from school-based mental health counseling services. Students in need who receive social-emotional and mental health support improve both behaviorally and academically. On a larger scale, these programs serve to decrease school suspensions and dropouts while improving school attendance rates.

Behavioral Governance

An emerging model of board development including coaching and feedback

David E. Lee and James T. Fox

If board training was the answer, the question was probably: What do school boards spend thousands of dollars on every year with little to show for these expenditures?

President’s Perspective: Unintended consequence

School board re-election campaigns are a funny thing. You like to think that you will be re-elected, but in the back of your mind you have doubts. You campaign and celebrate endorsements and hold your breath on election night. And, then it’s over.

I did not win my re-election this past fall. Let me explain.

Tom On Point: Explaining ourselves

The story could have appeared in any local news outlet in the country. It concerned a school board that had made a controversial and divisive decision about a hot button issue. The name of the board is not important nor, for that matter, is the topic it was addressing. This was another example of public officials wrestling with a difficult choice, doing the best they could with the information and alternatives available to them.



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