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Ohio v. Clark (U.S. Sup. Ct. - Merits Brief)

Legal System: Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause - teacher/school staff requirement to report suspected child abuse under state mandatory reporting law - are teachers/staff agents of law enforcement for purposes of Confrontation Clause - does a minor student's out-of-court statements to a teacher in response to teacher's concern about potential child abuse qualify as "testimonial" statements subject to the Confrontation Clause

NSBA signs on to the “Social Compact for American Education”

New Accountability logo

Together with 17 other leading education groups, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) has signed a new social compact that unites a diverse coalition of education leaders around accountability systems that aim to improve education. The statement of support – found at – represents a group that includes school administrators, teachers, support staff, and civil rights and community organizations.

How to Attract and Retain a Superb Superintendent and Employees in Your School District PowerPoint

In these ever-changing times for public schools, attracting the best possible candidates for the job is a must for the benefit of all involved. Come and learn what crucial roles a school board plays in the success of their school district through excellent governance of themselves.

Presenter: Andrea A. Lawful-Trainer, principal/CEO, C.A.P.E.S. and school board member, Abington School District (PA)

A Case for Improving Superintendent Evaluation

Superintendents and boards play a key role in the performance and outcomes of school systems. Fair, valid, and objective evaluation of a superintendent’s performance is imperative for supporting the work of the superintendent and holding the system accountable for success. As Peterson suggested and emerging research supports, school boards and their members are capable of doing this hard work. Effective and fair evaluation of the superintendent may be one of the most important ways school boards can lead an aligned and highly effective school system.

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