Legal Advocacy

Privacy and Technology

Learn more about legal issues related to Internet, email, video, and other emerging technology. 

Student Achievement

Learn more about legal information on standardized tests, high-stakes testing, and academic honors.

School Safety

Learn more about issues concerning student safety, school violence, student rights, harassment, and bullying.


Learn more about the First Amendment, Establishment, Free Exercise, and Free Speech clause issues related to the role of religion in public schools.

Legal System

Learn more about complying with constitutional, statutory, regulatory, and judicial legal requirements at the federal, state, and local levels. 

Health and Nutrition

Learn more about nutrition and student and employee health issues such as insurance, confidentiality of health records, health-related services, drugs, contagious diseases and accommodations for health conditions. 


Learn more about issues involving state and federal standards, teacher and student classroom speech, religious rights, and controversies over instruction, textbooks, and classroom and library materials.


Learn more about Title IX, gender equity, student-athlete drug testing and codes of conduct, school district liability for sports-related injuries, and disabled students participation in interscholastic sports.

Student Rights and Discipline

Learn more about the challenges school districts face in balancing students' First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights with their educational mission to maintain a safe non-disruptive learning environment. 

Privatization and Choice

Learn more about legal issues involving various reform measures, including public school choice, charter schools, privatization, vouchers, and alternative schools.


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