Grassroots Advocacy

2015 Advocacy Institute Legislative Advocacy Background Materials

This document provides background information on the following legislative advocacy items that will be discussed in the 2015 Advocacy Institute

NSBA Letter to Full Congress Opposing the CHOICE Act

NSBA letter opposes the CHOICE (Creating Hope and Opportunities for Individuals and Communities through Education) Act and urges Congress to maximize resources for our public schools.

How a Bill Becomes Law

US capitol building

View the Steps to Learn How a Bill Becomes a Law

The following outlines the path that legislation follows on its way to becoming law:

How to Contact the Media

Review our media strategies to learn how to contact the media, write effective letters to the editors, and meet with editorial boards.

How to Contact Your Members of Congress

Learn how to contact your Member of Congress so you can be effective in influencing legislators' views.

National School Boards Action Center (NSBAC)

The National School Boards Action Center (NSBAC) enables local school boards and the public to be more active in moving legislation forward and impacting federal regulations on behalf of America’s students.

NSBA's Actions in Support of Child Nutrition in Schools

NSBA advocates for federal funding for child nutrition in schools: letters to Congress and federal agencies, comments, and grassroots calls to action.


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