Board Governance

Boards and student achievement connection

A common misconception in communities around the country is that board members and superintendents do not have an impact on student achievement. Do boards and superintendents really matter? According to Ivan J. Lorentzen, professor at Flathead Community College, and William P. McCaw, professor at the University of Montana, the answer is not only do they matter, they matter a great deal.

Beyond Governance

School board members have an important role in representing the district to the community outside the boardroom

November, 2014 Doug Eadie Download PDF

New NSBA’s Center for Public Education Report Shows Mayor-School Board Collaboration Strengthens School Governance

Meet the Board

NSBA Council of School Attorneys Board of Directors 2019 – 2020

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Local School Board Governance and Flexibility

Our NSBA bill would enhance local school board authority while ensuring that the U.S. Department of Education does not overstep its authority.

School Board Leadership Services

NSBA provides a range of tools, information, and resources to help school boards impact student achievement through effective school governance.

Who are members?

NSBA serves its state school boards association members so  they can better serve their member school districts.

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