Climate Concerns

Focus on your learning environment for student success

David Hutchinson and Jonathan Cohen

Farmers grow crops with yields many times greater than they were only a few generations ago. How did this happen? They began by paying closer attention to the soil—working to optimize the growing environment for their crops.

Working Vacation

Educators use summer break as a time for learning

Glenn Cook

Allison Mackley describes herself as a “professional learner,” whether she’s working in the library at Pennsylvania’s Hershey High School or presenting on a topic at the district, state, or national level.

“I live life to learn professionally,” says Mackley, a National Board Certified Teacher Librarian and instructional technology coach. “All I do in life is part of that.”

Security Retrofit

Features added to older buildings help keep students safe

Charles Sosnik

What Should Your Graduates Know?

Districts are making sure students are equipped with the tools and knowledge for success

Michelle Healy

Sturdy backpacks stocked with school supplies are synonymous with the start of a new school year. In Kentucky’s Jefferson County Public Schools, that backpack theme is being used to usher in a new initiative aimed at increasing learning and equipping students for success in college, careers, and citizenship in the 21st century.

ASBJ - August 2018

You recently sent your latest group of graduates out into the world. Whether they’re attending college, enlisting in the military, or entering the job force, these young men and women tell a story about your district. Are they innovative problem-solvers? Can they collaborate with others? Are they civic-minded and ready to participate in our democracy?

The Times We live In

Jim Caldwell, Executive VP, Unequal

The Real Costs of Deferred Maintenance

With limited funds and competing demands, district leaders are challenged with financially meeting the day-to-day operational needs of schools while balancing the need to make costly facility maintenance repairs and replacements. To keep overall operational costs in check some schools find themselves in scenarios where maintenance and operations (M&O), system upgrades, and/or repairs get deferred to a future budget cycle or postponed until funding becomes available (known as Deferred Maintenance).  

Creating New Pathways to Equitable Education

By Guest Contributor Heath Morrison, School Group President, McGraw-Hill Education

For educators, the issues of educational equity – and the realities of educational inequity – are personal.

In my own time as a teacher, I saw educational inequity on a daily basis. I saw it in the faces of the students who felt out of place in our school because they were different from their peers. I saw it in students who struggled because they didn’t speak English. And, I saw it in students who couldn’t focus because they hadn’t had breakfast that morning.

Understanding Transgender Students

Helping transgender students feel accepted starts with understanding

David Campos


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