Amicus Brief

Marshall-Joint v. C.D. (7th Cir.)

IDEA: eligibility for special education—determination of whether child’s health condition adversely affects educational performance.  Filed August 21, 2009.

NSBA Amicus Brief - M.A.L. v. Kinsland (6th Cir.)

First Amendment - student distribution of literature - time, place and manner regulations

NSBA Amicus Brief Locke v. Davey (U.S. Sup. Ct.)

First Amendment: free exercise of religion, establishment clause - state law prohibiting use of public scholarship funds for pastoral studies

Johnson v. Poway Unified School District (9th Cir.)

First Amendment:   Employee free speech—authority of school district to regulate teacher classroom expression.  Filed July 23, 2010.

Horne and Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives v. Flores (U.S. Sup. Ct.)

Equal Educational Opportunities Act:  Adequacy of State funding of English Language Learner programs—interpretation of “appropriate action” requirement; effect of NCLB on EEOA. Filed March 25, 2009. 

NSBA Amicus Brief - Harris v. School District of Palm Beach County (11th Cir.)

First Amendment: student expression - viewpoint discrimination based on religion - Establishment Clause concerns, by Julie Underwood


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