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Help Students Build Their Future While Staying Debt-Free

Employment in the electrical and high-tech information systems industry is projected to grow significantly over the next ten years, with increases in construction spending and growing demand for alternative power generation, such as solar and wind, driving demand for electricians. The route to careers in the electrical industry is via apprenticeship.

Bethlehem Area Schools Make Stunning Strides In Reading

Kindergarten Benchmarks Increase From 47% to 92% In Just Three Years!

Sixteen elementary schools, in the 6th largest district in Pennsylvania, soar to success in raising their kindergarten benchmark scores to an unprecedented level of achievement by implementing a comprehensive MTSS process with Step By Step Learning®.

Assessment Audits: Tools for Early Identification and Intervention

Is your district spending too much time and money on assessment?

Are you collecting data that doesn’t get used?

Do you struggle to keep up with state and federal testing requirements?

Assessment is an essential component of effective educational delivery systems. However, many districts struggle to find the right combination of answering important questions about student learning, while minimizing time away from instruction.

Diversity in School Leadership

Improving teacher training programs will help recruit more minority teachers

Luis Mojica​

Equity: Unpack the Backpacks

Fight ‘equity fatigue’ to lighten the load for children

Verjeana M. Jacobs

Stuffed backpacks can appear heavier than the children who lug them to school each day. What’s in those backpacks? Books, homework, maybe lunch, maybe a favorite thingamajig — and so much more.

Seeking Counsel: Prompt and Equitable

Department of Education proposes new sexual harassment regs

#MeToo, #BelieveSurvivors, and #WhyIDidntReport are just some of the social media hashtags trending since October 2017, when sexual harassment came to the forefront (again) as news media broke allegations of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s repeated acts of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Database: Solving Problems with Technology

Digital natives need a technology skills boost

Jinghong Cai

Nowadays, we do almost everything online, from submitting a job application to enrolling in health insurance, from chatting with virtual customer service to following web-based instructions on assembling furniture.


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