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Technology Leadership Network (TLN) delivers in a big way.

Technology Leadership Network benefits are designed to assist you in educating your community about how technology can support learning and enhance district operations.


NSBA has one of the largest Legal and Legislative Advocacy staffs in the education community. NSBA’s legislative team is here to provide information about Congressional bills and agency guidance impacting education technology that is working its way through Washington right now. NSBA's legal team files more amicus briefs—on your behalf—than all other education organizations combined.

  • Access to NSBA's Advocacy and Legal Staff
  • Action Alerts
  • Special Briefings
  • NSBA's Legal Clips—TLN participants can opt-in to receive this weekly update on relevant legal issues.


Successful decisions can't be made without research, findings, and the advice of others who have faced similar circumstances. TLN’s benefits keep you in touch with all the latest data, news, information, and opportunities surrounding education technology.

Technology Grants

This premier benefit provides direct links to grants and funding sources for education technology. Read more

Site Visits

Each visit is designed to showcase exemplary educational technology at work. Better than reading a case study or even watching a video, these Site Visits give you and your team a hands-on perspective. Read more

Recognition Programs 

Leaders recognizing leaders that's positive reinforcement at its best. We salute districts and individuals who have made innovative strides in technology to support learning. Read more

Electronic School eZine

Published four times a year, this electronic magazine provides a wealth of news, practical information, and insight into the world of education technology.  

Special TLN Publications

Covering technology planning, legal issues, assistive technology, and information targeted for school board members, these publications assist TLN participants with planning, presentations, and policy direction.

Professional Development

TLN professional development offers a unique perspective on issues from both policy and practice geared for district leadership teams to develop the skills they need to make the right decisions for their schools and community.

  • TLN Webinars
    Feature expert guests discussing school leadership concerns nationwide.
  • Active social media presence.
  • Access to exclusive events.


As a TLN participant, you will receive discounts on great opportunities to expand your knowledge and professional network such as these:

  • Site Visits
  • NSBA publications
  • NSBA Annual Conference
  • Online learning
  • Technology audits
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