Board and Superintendent Relationships

Key Work Circle RelationshipsTo develop a productive partnership, the board and superintendent must draw on, and respect, the backgrounds and abilities of everyone involved.


To understand how the board-superintendent leadership roles are interconnected as well as the process for decision making and evaluation.



What’s in the Guidebook?

Key Lessons

The Key Work of School Boards Guidebook highlights several important lessons about the relationship between the board and superintendent:

  • The Role of the Board and Superintendent
  • Elements of an Effective Board/Superintendent Team
  • Board Training/Retreats
  • Board/Superintendent Communication
  • Superintendent’s Performance Evaluation
  • Establishing Norms and Bylaws to Ensure Effective Governance
  • Board Self-Evaluation

Helpful Supplements

The Guidebook also includes several supplements to help you engage in an effective relationship with your superintendent:

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