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The National Connection Resource Center provides nationally developed summaries and tools that inform and equip school boards with promising practices in school governance and leadership. The Resource Center is a collection of “how we did it” stories from districts across the country with examples of board meetings, improvement plans, accountability dashboards, and more. The resource center includes selected digital content from: Becoming a Better Board Member and The Key Work of School Boards. Below you will find links to contemporary topics and resources along with case studies of successful boards with practical insights on how they overcame challenges and created success.

The School Board's Role on Student Achievement

Research studies and guidance for how school board actions can influence student achievement.

Board-Superintendent Partnerships for Student Achievement

Explore this presentation and consider steps your team can take to improve outcomes for students. Read more

Governing to Achieve

This white paper from California School Boards Association summarizes the school board’s role for improving student achievement. Read more

How School Boards Influence Student Achievement

The actions of your school board can have a major influence on student academic achievement, according to the findings of a recent study of Montana school boards. Read more

Responding to the Risk of Infectious Disease in Public Schools

Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), Legal Services, has developed this detailed guide entitled “Responding to the Risk of Infectious Disease in Public Schools.” Its primary purpose – to encourage school districts to review infectious disease response plans each year – responds to concerns about the spread of Ebola and Enterovirus in public schools. The guide encourages school boards to monitor available resources to ensure that only the most current guidance is followed. The 21-pp. TASB guide is an excellent resource toward better understanding infectious disease, and in addition to links to general resources, provides clear guidance on communicating effectively with staff, students, parents, and the media. Companion Q&A address an array of related topics, from privacy issues to “hot topics” in the news such as quarantine and observation. Read more

Ten Myths of School Board Service

Each election year, citizens decide to run for their local school board and some approach the job with preconceived ideas of what the job will be and what they want to accomplish on the board. Among those ideas are some persistent myths that veteran board members have learned are just not true. Read more

The Purpose of Public Education and the Role of the School Board

Start with purpose. What is the purpose of public education for your school district?  Having this conversation with your board and superintendent, and then leading the conversation with your community, can be a powerful opportunity to clarify and focus the work of your school district. Read more

Improving Superintendent Evaluation

Effective and fair evaluation of the superintendent may be one of the most important ways school boards can lead an aligned and highly effective school system. Read more

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District Board Meetings

This case study includes links to board agendas, video footage of the board meetings, and PDFs of reports and presentations that are related to each topic discussed. Read more 

Quick Assessment Accountability

Our self-assessment can help your board reflect on your work. Read more

Accountability Dashboards and Annual Reports

Get ideas to adapt for your district from this compilation of best practice dashboards, scorecards, assessment reports, and annual reports from across the country. Read more

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