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National Connection (NatCon) is the leading national executive information and networking program for school board leaders and senior school district staff. With content that is targeted, relevant, and easy to access, board members can become thought leaders who place their local issues in a national context.

More than 15,000 public education leaders across 1,300 districts have access to a wealth of resources to drive educational equity and excellence. Most program benefits are housed in the NatCon Community.


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Exclusive Participant Benefits

Connect with your peers face-to-face at one of our in-person events or online through the discussion board (national listserv). NatCon participants can take advantage of registration discounts, early access to housing, and more at NSBA Signature Events:

The Leadership Resource Center

Augment your reference tools with a collection of nationally developed summaries that inform and equip school boards with promising practices in school governance and leadership.

The Public Engagement Toolkit

Access an online resource comprised of factsheets, articles, graphics, and other information to help school boards and districts explain the value of public education and local governance in consistent, constituent-friendly language.


Search our national directory of NatCon participants to reconnect with a former colleague or locate a specific board leader.

ASBJ (American School Board Journal)

ASBJ is an award-winning, six-times a year magazine that offers exclusive interviews and peer-tested ideas on public education.

National Connection Daily

Start your day with a morning executive e-news briefing that will keep you current on the latest news impacting education.

Federal Insider Podcast

Get your up-to-date, inside-the-beltway education information straight from NSBA's Chief Legal Officer Francisco M. Negrón Jr., and Director of Lobbying and Federal Legislation Deborah Rigsby.

ASBJ Brief

Mental health, equity, technology innovations and teacher diversity are a sampling of topics delivered to your inbox monthly.

CPE Briefing Room

Through short video overviews and supplemental resources, the insights uncovered by the Center for Public Education can be used at the board table, by district leadership teams, or with community groups to help improve public schools in your district.

Legal Clips 

Seeking insights into trends and landmark cases? Legal Clips is the go-to electronic resource for developments in school law.

News You Can Use

Critical national education topics are regularly blogged by subject experts.


NatCon offers NatCon offers a series of complimentary webinars throughout the year, featuring the nation's leading thought leaders. You can interact with speakers and thinkers who are changing the educational landscape.