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National Black Council Membership

The National Black Council has several membership offerings from which to choose:

Regular Membership (voting rights)

Regular membership includes any elected or appointed local school board member or state board of education member within the United States and its off-shore territories. Dues for regular members are $75 annually.

Associate Membership (non-voting rights)

Associate membership is open to administrators, educators, and citizens-at-large. Dues for associate members are $50 annually.

Corporate Membership (non-voting rights)

Corporate membership provides several options for involvement and participation in a variety of National Black Council programs and events. Involvement can consist of sponsorships and/or partnerships that maximize a company's visibility among leaders in public education while providing vital support for the National Black Councils' activities and programs. Dues for corporate members are $1,000 annually.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

  • Networking opportunities
  • Member-to-member mentoring 
  • Exclusive online directories and listservs 
  • Educational resources and professional development 
  • NSBA’s advocacy efforts and other benefits
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