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The Federal Relations Network (FRN) is our core grassroots network. The FRN provides a unique opportunity for local school board members to be engaged with their members of Congress. Appointed by one’s state school boards association, an FRN member plays a critical role that involves a year-round commitment. 

As a year-round advocate FRN members:

  • Develop key relationships with your members of Congress.
  • Receive vital information throughout the year concerning federal legislation and action.
  • Respond to NSBA calls to action.
  • Share calls to action with fellow school board members.

If you are not a school board member but would like to get involved in advocating for public education, visit the website. You can learn more about the ways you can become involved in our other grassroots components, which include: NSBAC's Friends of Public Education and organization partnerships.

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Advocacy Networks

Advocacy Networks

Learn about the immense responsibilities that are shouldered by school boards—and how they work to educate many of the nation’s high-needs and historically underserved children.

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The Congressional recess presents a unique opportunity for school board members across the country to meet locally and share with their members of Congress public education issues of great importance to their communities. The House and Senate are both out of session and members will return to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, September 6. During this time when your federal lawmakers are at home, we hope that you will engage them in conversation from the local school board member’s perspective.

The 2017 Summer/Fall Congressional Recess Guide provides key background information on timely legislative issues, talking points and tips for meeting with members of Congress.

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