How Do I Join CUBE

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Montgomery County Public Schools/Bill Mills:

Take the Opportunity to Foster Excellence on Your School Board

We are committed to helping school boards in all kinds of communities to close the achievement gap, raise high school graduation rates, provide intervention services to academically struggling students, and create broad-based school programs to support students who live in poverty or other circumstances that create serious obstacles to learning.

Your school board doesn’t have to serve a big-city school district to participate in the CUBE. If some of your schools are located in an urban-like environment—or your school board is struggling to educate a high-needs student population—then your school board can benefit from the educational opportunities and focus of CUBE.

How Do I Join CUBE?

Click here to fill out the enrollment form and submit it to Myra Maxwell, Sr. Program Associate, at For questions, please email or call 703-838-6716.

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