CUBE Member Benefits

CUBE is Here to Help You Find Solutions

Urban school leaders need solutions to the immense and complex challenges of urban education. We are dedicated to helping you and your district’s leadership team find those solutions.

CUBE programming is designed to support your school board and superintendent through professional development, legislative advocacy, and other resources that address today’s key urban education issues. You also have the opportunity to network with your school board peers across the nation and share best practices that can make a difference in the educational success of your schoolchildren. More benefits include:

  • Learning opportunities: Conferences, workshops, and an issues seminar provide professional development that keeps you current on the best practices in urban education and school governance.
  • Access to information: Access to the latest information on federal policies that may affect your school district. 
  • News and analysis: Webinars, podcasts, and an online newsletter provides up-to-date news and analysis on critical urban education issues and trends.
  • Urban Advocate magazine: In-depth analysis of urban education issues is available in our quarterly magazine. 

How CUBE Makes a Difference

Professional development and learning experiences allow you to develop your knowledge and skills as a school board governance team. CUBE creates an environment for urban school leaders to collaborate and network—to share their experiences and spread best practices that can powerfully impact urban schools.

We also provides detailed and up-to-date news and analysis that can keep you on top of federal legislation and regulatory actions that can impact your school system. Working through CUBE, you and your school board governance team can also influence the advocacy priorities of the NSBA to ensure that federal policymakers understand how they can help your school district successfully educate urban schoolchildren.

You Also Get Access to National Connection

As a member, your school district has access to all the benefits and services offered by NSBA’s National Connection program. Learn more about each benefit below:

  • The Federal Insider Podcast: Get the real story on federal legislation and rules from NSBA’s top legislative and legal. Read more
  • National Connection Daily: National Connection Daily is your morning executive news briefing, providing both national and local news from across the U.S. With a quick scan of the headlines each morning, school board leaders can be current on the latest in education news, and stay ahead of the forces impacting education.
  • Public Engagement Toolkit: A guide to strengthen public confidence and support in your local schools. Read more
  • The School Board Leadership Resource Center: Strengthen your board’s leadership with “how we did it” stories and “best practices” from school systems across the nation. Read more
  • American School Board Journal and ASBJ NewsBrief: Stay in the know with NSBA’s award-winning coverage of education trends and issues. Read more
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