Video: Is public education worth the cost?

What’s a public education worth? Can we quantify the value of education?

A new animated video from the National School Boards Association’s Center for Public Education does just that.

Intended for a broad audience, “Is It Worth It?” graphically shows the value education adds to American society.

The video uses data to demonstrate how investment in public education results in a stronger, more innovative economy driven by skilled, adaptable workers, and how education produces informed citizens who actively participate in our democracy, creating an egalitarian and high-functioning society that benefits all Americans.

While the average high school graduate already contributes $260K more to the United State’s gross domestic product (GDP) over the course of his or her life than a non-high school graduate does, further investment in public education will yield even greater returns, the video claims. If the United States reforms public education and reaches the top levels of performance on international assessments, we can raise our GDP by 5 percent in just 30 years, and by 36 percent by the end of the century.

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