NSBA signs on to new student data privacy protections

The National School Boards Association (NSBA), the leading advocate for public education, today joins 31 leading national education organizations in signing on to the Principles for Using and Safeguarding Students’ Personal Information. These leading-edge principles were developed by the Data Quality Campaign and the Consortium for School Networking, in partnership with other national education organizations.

These principles are a first-ever effort by national education associations to develop and articulate principles designed to guide the protection of student information. NSBA commits to honor these values and make resources available to the field to provide ready access to these principles.

The principles center on advancing customized learning for each student, while at the same time taking steps to protect the personal information of students and their families. The premise of the principles is that all who use students’ personal information have a responsibility to safeguard students’ privacy and the security of their data, especially when the data are personally identifiable. This starts with limiting data that are collected, stored, shared, and used to support student learning and success.

In cases where access to personal information is required, handlers of this information must be mindful of data privacy concerns and carry out their duties in a legal, responsible, and ethical manner. While FERPA, COPPA, PPRA and other privacy protection laws establish some protections for student information, and are an important part of student data privacy debates, truly safeguarding data requires more than just strict legal compliance. It is important that those tasked to handle students’ personal information cultivate a culture of privacy at all levels.

To see a detailed description of all 10 principles, please visit the web page. The full list of supporters are available here.

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