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American School Board Journal Writer's Guidelines

As the nation's oldest education publication, founded in 1891, American School Board Journal has a reputation for fairness, professionalism, and accuracy. ASBJ is published by the National School Boards Association, but its articles do not necessarily reflect the positions of the association.

These writer's guidelines are designed to lead you through the process of submitting articles to ASBJ.

We are not 'scholarly.’ Although we have journal in our name, we are not a peer-reviewed journal. As a news and feature magazine, we generally do not publish footnotes and references.

What do we want? We strive to give the best, most comprehensive accounts of emerging education trends and solutions available. We are looking for articles aimed at our audience of school board members, superintendents, and other administrators. We cover just about every public education topic, with special emphasis on district-level leadership.

What we don't want. Few teachers read our magazine, so articles aimed specifically at classroom educators aren't right for us. And we don't publish articles that push a particular product or service.

Getting Started

Look at our magazine. Check to see what subjects we've covered. Read the articles for subject matter, style, tone, and length. We can provide you a sample copy, or you can check out selected articles online.

Our readers are school board members and administrators. Focus your article on how your subject might interest or affect them. For example, if you're a professor writing about a professional development program at your university, include information about how much the program will cost a district or school or how it can be tailored to fit local or state standards.

Write from personal experience. Use the pronouns "I" or "we." Write as though you're having a conversation with a friend. When you make a point, give specifics. If you don't know details, talk to people who do and include what they say in your article.

Expect to be edited. We edit everyone, in varying degrees, for length, style, clarity, even content.

After You Write

Send us a Microsoft Word document as an attachment. Keep formatting to a minimum. Include biographical information, including your name, title, company, addresses, daytime telephone number, and e-mail address.

Your manuscript should be approximately 1,250 to 2,500 words.

Do not send your manuscript to multiple magazines at the same time. We do not accept simultaneous submissions or compensate for articles. Also, we accept articles only when all copyrights—including electronic ones—are offered to our magazine.

Acceptance and Publication

We will acknowledge your manuscript when we receive it. We make decisions to accept or reject articles as quickly as possible.

As a bimonthly magazine, we plan months in advance for each issue, so expect several months between acceptance and publication. Once your article is accepted, we will send you the copyright agreement. When your article is scheduled for publication, we will send you a copy of the edited manuscript before it goes to press, and we'll send you copies of the magazine in which it appears. If it is scheduled for online only, we will send you a link to the article on our website.

Send your manuscripts to: Liana L. Glasco, Senior Associate, Circulation and Fulfillment,​, (703) 838-6708

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