ASBJ - June 2016

Internet access

Can your students access high-speed internet at home? Chances are, you don’t know. A recent CoSN study found that, while school districts are actively improving broadband connectivity in schools, 75 percent have no data on their students’ home connectivity, even though 70 percent of teachers today say they assign work that requires broadband access. In our cover story, “Essential Connections,” Senior Editor Del Stover writes about the problem of the so-called “homework gap,” and how some districts are working to remedy the situation.

On the Cover

Essential Connections
Del Stover
The inequity in home access to high-speed internet service is the new digital divide.


Digital Citizenship
Michelle Healy
Learning how to act online is an important technology skill for students.

The New Relevance of the Computer Lab
Tony DeMonte
The computer lab remains useful in a one-to-one device world.

Dream Team
Ann Lee Flynn
The 2016 '20 to Watch' educators represent the best in technology education.

Promising Enterprises
Ann Lee Flynn
2016 Technology Innovation Showcase boosts up-and-coming technology solutions.


Kathleen Vail, Thomas J. Gentzel, Miranda Beard

Electronic School
Public Advocacy
Seeking Counsel

Explore the latest education trends.

Q&A: Greg Toppo on video games
The right games can make education more rigorous and fun.

Business of Education: Facilities assistance
Buildings can be designed and managed to enhance student and employee health.

Urban Advocate
The latest from the Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE).

Online Only Articles

A Turnaround Recipe
Daphne Keiser, Anna Isley, and Linda Humphries
Virginia elementary school administrators develop a way to increase student achievment in just one year.

The Entry Process
Ken Mitchell and Susan Elion Wollin
Two New York state school district leaders provide recommendations on the process of new superintendent orientation and onboarding.

Urban District Recruiting Network
Andrea Celico
In Ohio, a minority recruitment consortium pursues strong minority candidates.


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