ASBJ - February 2018

What if you could build your ideal school? Would you have lots of natural lighting, flexible instruction space, and infrastructure to accommodate innovative technology, makerspaces, and fabrication laboratories? In our cover story, “Building the Perfect School,” designers and architects offer tips on how to create that ideal school, either with new construction or through renovation.


On the Cover

Building the Perfect School
Del Stover
What to consider when planning for new or retrofitted school buildings


Killer Epidemic
Michelle Healy
Schools deal with repercussions of the nation’s opioid crisis

Student Press
Glenn Cook
Strong journalism programs are essential to civics, media literacy

Keeping the Arts Alive
Mark D. Benigni, Robert E. Kosienski Jr., and Brian R. Cyr
A Connecticut district invests in the arts during challenging budget times

Urban Advocate

Teacher Diversity Matters
Del Stover
Recruitment, retention are part of the complex solution

Fair Representation
Michelle Healy
Urban districts strive to solve disproportionality in their schools

Opioid Crisis Another Dilemma for Urban Education
Micah Ali


Kathleen Vail, Thomas J. Gentzel, Kevin E. Ciak

Public Advocacy

Explore the latest education trends.

Q&A: Linda Nathan

Online Only Articles

Support for High-Quality Instruction

Discipline and the School-to-Prison Pipeline
R.L. Booker Jr.
Schools are doing a disservice to black male students in regards to discipline

A Framework for Supporting All Students
Steve Goodman and Hank Bohanon
One-size-fits-all no longer works in schools

The Canary in the Cage is Choking
Robert A. Rammer
As building leaders, principals are under stress

Building Blocks to School Improvement
Lisa Hillian and Craig Reed
How school leaders can help their schools change and improve

Backward by Design
Thomas Hughes
Changing hire practices is difficult, but essential

What’s Your Mission?
Denise Schares
Mission statements answer the question, “why do we exist?”

The Thinking Classroom
Carrie DeWaters
Differentiated or personalized instruction is a common practice in many schools.


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