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You recently sent your latest group of graduates out into the world. Whether they’re attending college, enlisting in the military, or entering the job force, these young men and women tell a story about your district. Are they innovative problem-solvers? Can they collaborate with others? Are they civic-minded and ready to participate in our democracy? In our cover story, “What Should Your Graduates Know?” associate editor Michelle Healy looks at districts that are identifying what they want from their graduates and “working backwards to build the system and experiences most likely to produce that outcome.”


On the Cover

What Should Your Graduates Know?
Students find their voice in the wake of tragedy


Security Retrofit
Charles Sosnik
Features added to older buildings help keep students safe

Working Vacation
Glenn Cook
Educators use summer break as a time for learning

Climate Concerns
David Hutchinson and Jonathan Cohen
Focus on your learning environment for student success

Adults Behaving Badly
Rebecca Coda and Rick Jetter
School leaders can help reduce negativity and conflict in their schools


Kathleen Vail, Thomas J. Gentzel, Frank C. Pugh

Public Advocacy
Seeking Counsel

GAO examines schools for equal athletic opportunities

Business of Education
Design for the future

Q&A: 2018 School Counselor of the Year Kirsten Perry

Online Only Articles

Fixing the Educator Shortage at the District Level
Sarah J. Kaka, Robert Mitchell, and Grant Clayton
School leaders can take concrete actions to help

How to Promote Effective Professional Development in Your District
Jon Saderholm, Bob Ronau, Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, Chris Rakes, and Sarah B. Bush
A new framework addresses PD challenges

Principal as Politician
Ricardo “Rocky” Torres
Politics are as important as pedagogy in raising achievement

Understanding Transgender Students
David Campos
Helping transgender students feel accepted starts with understanding

Leadership and the ‘Fifth Discipline’
James Leatherman
Peter Senge’s work on systems thinking applies to school leadership

Rethinking Parent-Teacher Conferences
Thomas Von Soelen
A fourth-grade team makes the ubiquitous conferences more meaningful

Support for High-Quality Instruction

High-Quality Teaching for Equity
Sheena Hervey and Erick Witherspoon

Commotio Cordis and Your Duty of Care
Rob Vito

Paperless, Property Taxes, and the Price of Progress

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