The Federal Role and Local Governance

The inaugural issue explores the role of the federal government in education in contemporary and historic terms. Every administration since enactment of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in 1965 has influenced the trajectory of education in our nation -- “mission creep” is not the exclusive purview of any one administration.

The theme of this first issue -- federal overreach in education -- is not intended to single out the current administration, but rather examines ongoing trends at the federal level to transform Washington from supportive partner contributing less than 11 percent of funding for elementary and secondary education (including school meals and Head Start), to the tail that wags the dog. By imposing conditions on federal funding and waivers and through other forms of policy described in this issue, hands are tied -- states cannot say no and districts must follow.

Our guide helps put the issue in context and supports school boards and district administrators in understanding how to respond.

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