Clean Schools

It is a tremendous challenge to create and operate a clean school given the increased use of school buildings, which are in use 365 days a year in many districts. Even with increased usage, the importance of a clean building can’t be overstated. Studies show a school's environment can directly impact student learning capability, test scores, productivity, and achievement. While there can be challenges to create and maintain a clean school environment, solutions exist and it is one of the best investments that can be made to protect your communities most vital asset. A new maintenance plan may be necessary in some school districts. But schools vary across the country and creating a clean school environment that minimizes potential health risks, serves the community, and allows school districts to make cost-effective decisions can require re-imagining its space from the parking lot to the classroom.


On the Hill

2/2018, American School Board Journal, What to consider when planning for new or retrofitted school buildings.  Can new schools be designed so they will not be obsolete before their time?  Read ASBJ's Storyboard "Building the Perfect School."

Clean: Environmental Protection Agency

Green School Catalyst Quarterly July 2018 issue is available now!


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