NSBA believes students, teachers, and administrators should learn, teach, and work in a clean, green and safe school environment.


NSBA believes every school-age child deserves the finest K-12 public education possible. Striving to provide the highest quality education, one that enables every student to achieve their full potential, is grounded in many factors including the learning environment. Indeed, a school’s physical structure is a critical component to student success, and schools that are clean, green and safe ensure they are sanctuaries for learning and teaching.

NSBA created the Clean, Green and Safe Schools initiative to offer school board members information they can use to develop policies and protocols to provide a healthy and safe environment for students, teachers, administrators and visitors. The initiative also provides access to experts who can help school boards develop and implement a plan to improve school buildings so they are energy and cost efficient, safe, and designed to provide an optimal learning environment.


NSBA Infographic: State of Our Schools, America's K-12 Facilities 2016
Source: Center for Green Schools, U.S. Green Building Council, 21st Century School Fund and the National Council on School Facilities, March 2016

The NSBA Clean, Green and Safe Schools initiative is supported by
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