NSBA School Rx Cooperative

A Proven Solution to Your Rising Pharmacy Costs


Budgets are tight and prescription drug benefit costs continue to increase faster than any other medical service offered by schools. The NSBA School Rx Cooperative is a pharmacy benefit service that delivers cost savings to self-funded districts. Your district can save money and put it back where it belongs—student achievement. With over 500,000 individuals enrolled, members take advantage of discounted pharmaceutical pricing. This service is a win for your district and for advancing student success.


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Self-insured school districts spend millions of dollars on pharmacy benefits and that number is expected to grow drastically. Pharmacy benefits are currently unregulated and big insurance and pharmacy drug companies can hide revenue in complicated contract language. The NSBA School RX Cooperative offers the best of Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) thru Express Scripts with a watchdog component that is focused on helping school districts keep dollars in their pockets. Our service provides significant and guaranteed improvement in all areas of drug cost management. This includes discounts, dispensing fees, rebates, and increased generic utilization. This Cooperative offers schools the ability to take advantage of national purchasing power to drive the best possible pricing and contract terms. Take the first step to save and get further information on the Cooperative and a free cost savings analysis.


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  • District Savings

    Below are some real-world examples of participants realized savings, including an example of a district that converted from an Express Script contract to our NSBA School Rx Cooperatives Express Scripts contract.

    NSBA School Rx District Savings

  • Questions for School Board Members

    NSBA has put together a list of questions any school board member should be prepared to ask during a discussion of their district's pharmacy benefits program.

    1. Are your pharmacy benefits audited to ensure your district is getting the benefits as prescribed in your contract?
    2. When was the last time the Pharmacy Benefit went to RFP?
    3. Does your program track specialty drug usage?
    4. Does your school receive all drug rebates, or do they go back to the pharmacy or pharmaceutical companies?