Membership is open to anyone interested in working to address the educational needs of racial and ethnic minority students in our communities. Members represent districts of all sizes, from urban, rural and suburban communities. They are called on to promote equal educational opportunities for children in identified racial and ethnic groups, to monitor their development and academic achievement, and to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by school board members working with issues concerning these students and their families.

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What are the benefits of becoming a member?


Connections to an Expanded Advocacy Network

Opportunities include being looped into NSBA Call to Action activities designed to connect with your representatives on important national issues that impact the students you serve. The groups have also formed strong connections and partnerships with many other national organizations committed to serving students within ethnic and racial demographics. 

Learning Opportunities and Networking

Membership enables you to converse with other school board members who share your interests in effective school board leadership, high student achievement, and equity for all students in our public education system. Programs during Annual Conference and webinars throughout the year provide access to thought leaders, as well as information about cutting edge efforts to improve outcomes for minority students across the country. 

Timely Information on National Issues

Publications such as the quarterly Council Newsletter and email-blast information help members stay abreast of issues and be stronger leaders and advocates for students. Members also are provided with special reports and notified of other meetings and events that address the challenges faced by students from ethic and racial minorities.