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Advisers Guiding School Boards on Legal Matters

 School lawyers are employed by school boards to represent their school districts in legal matters. These lawyers need to wear many hats. Their job duties include offering advice on legal and policy matters, researching legal issues, and representing the school district in litigation matters.


Why Do School Districts Need Lawyers?

School boards and district staff must deal with legal issues daily. A school board attorney helps district officials to follow the web of state and federal regulations affecting schools, and to avoid costly litigation. When litigation is necessary, a school attorney advocates for the school board before courts and administrative bodies.


Qualifications Your Attorney Should Have

Good school lawyers use independent judgment and avoid conflicts of interest. They are adept at preventive law and they focus on controlling legal issues whenever possible and anticipating problems and legal solutions before litigation happens. They are up-to-date on current school law trends and recent court decisions. And they are members of NSBA’s Council of School Attorneys.