A rural perspective in setting education policies is often linked to spatial equity. In this brief, we provide readers with some key back-to-school statistics on rural schools, hoping to increase the awareness that rural students, families, and communities deserve a voice in policymaking decisions and an investment in their educational infrastructures.

Early access is now available to school districts that are members of NSBA's Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) and National Connection (NatCon) programs. CUBE and NatCon members can log into the CUBE community page or NatCon community page to view and download the report. The report will be available to the general public in mid-January.

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Six students conduct a science experiment with potatoes and electrodes.

2024 Magna Awards: Silver Award Winners

The 2024 Magna Awards program recognizes 15 exemplary district programs in three enrollment categories as Silver Award winners.