On June 27, the National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) American School Board Journal (ASBJ) received two awards — a gold and silver – during the 43rd annual EXCEL Awards. Presented by SIIA, the EXCEL Awards are the largest and most prestigious program recognizing excellence and leadership in association media, publishing, marketing, and communication.

“These editorial awards reinforce our responsibility as storytellers and fuel our motivation to shape a brighter, more informed world through the stories within districts across the nation,” said Renée B. Joe, NSBA’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and ASBJ Publisher.

Receiving the gold award, “Vital Connections” relates how the lack of broadband infrastructure in rural communities like Anadarko, Oklahoma, has exacerbated long-standing issues facing Native American students.

Receiving the silver award, “Moving Forward” tells how the school community in Santa Fe, Texas, presses forward following a 2018 school shooting, guided by “a genuine desire and conscious effort to heal.”

June 2022 ASBJ Cover Image       A woman with red hair and wearing a yellow T-shirt looks at the camera next to the words 'moving forward.'

American School Board Journal (ASBJ), established in 1891 and published bi-monthly by NSBA, is a vital resource for school board members, district administrators, and other education stakeholders. ASBJ chronicles the evolving landscape of education, providing insightful analysis, practical guidance, and valuable perspectives on various topics crucial to school governance and management. From addressing equity issues to policymaking, student achievement, and the art of school leadership, ASBJ offers a comprehensive range of content. The journal, available in print and digital formats, also features regular departments covering education news and communications, school law, and research, ensuring readers stay informed on the latest developments in the field. Additionally, ASBJ offers an extra benefit to subscribers through ASBJ Brief, a monthly curated e-newsletter delivering select articles directly to their inboxes.

ASBJ is a participant benefit provided to school board members from school districts that are members of NSBA’s Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) and National Connection programs. Subscriptions to ASBJ are also available at https://nsba.org/ASBJ/Subscribe.

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