In response to the nomination of Dr. Miguel Cardona as Secretary of Education, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) and Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) issued the following statements:

Anna Maria Chávez, Executive Director and CEO of the National School Boards Association (NSBA):

“We are pleased that Dr. Miguel Cardona has been nominated as Secretary of Education for President-Elect Biden’s Administration. Dr. Cardona’s lifetime commitment to transforming public education is critical at a time like this, when our education system is reeling with the uncertainty of COVID-19, a lack of resources that strains our capacity for safe, in-person schooling, and the digital divide that hinders our students’ transition to remote or hybrid learning.

“NSBA has launched our Public School Transformation Now! Initiative this year to put our public students and their individual needs at the center of learning, as well as fight for a more just and equitable education system. With a longstanding relationship with CABE and his commitment to public education in Connecticut and around the nation, we know Dr. Cardona will be an ally in this fight.

"We need greater investments in public education now. We look forward to working with Dr. Cardona to ensure our country’s public schools and the students they serve are provided with the resources and support that are so badly needed to transform the future of public education. By working in partnership with the federal government, we can equip, empower, and educate the next generation of American leaders so that one day, they too can take up our nation’s fight for a better tomorrow.”

Bob Rader, Executive Director of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE):

"I am thrilled that Dr. Miguel Cardona has been nominated to serve as the next Secretary of Education! Dr. Cardona is a good friend of public education and the Connection Association of Boards of Education. I've had the privilege of working with him closely over the past few years, and it is clear that Dr. Cardona cares deeply about the issues facing education, such as the need to ensure equity for all students, including those who are not English speakers and those with disabilities. He has also provided strong leadership during the pandemic, working closely with school boards, superintendents and teachers across the state to provide the best possible education for our students despite the unprecedented circumstances. While Dr. Cardona will be missed in Connecticut, I know that the tone and direction he will set as Secretary will be positive for the nation."

Charlie Wilson, President of NSBA:

“Today’s announcement is a positive one filled with hope and promise for the future of our country’s children, especially those who have been historically underserved and who need strong voices to represent them. I’m delighted about the nomination of Dr. Miguel Cardona and look forward to the great changes he will bring about for public education in 2021.”

Lydia Tedone, Member of the NSBA Board of Directors:

“As a BOE member from Simsbury, CT, and as a member of the NSBA Board of Directors I am thrilled to hear of the nomination of Commissioner Miguel Cardona for Secretary of Education.  I have had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Cardona and highly value his commitment and interest in public education on all levels, especially this past year. His investment in districts amid COVID 19 have shown that every child matters, while student safety and achievement are at the forefront at this time. We are fortunate to have benefitted from his leadership and look forward to his continued success on the federal level helping to reshape public policy and advocate for each child, so they receive the best public education!”

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