Making NSBA a More Visible, Influential, and Effective Advocate for Public Education is Dependent on Strong Public Engagement

For NSBA to lead the charge to turn back escalating pressures on public education and assert an ever-greater role in education policymaking, it is important that we “get the word out” in new and more visible ways. Using a lean-forward approach, we are working with our members—the state school boards associations—along with the general public, key education groups, and influential education advocates to support America’s public schools.

By creating a sense of public urgency about our key issues—unlawful expansion of executive authority; opposition to privatization, including vouchers, tuition tax credits, and charter schools not approved by local school boards; and Common Core standards—our focus centers on implementing targeted public engagement campaigns and capitalizing on the power of traditional, digital, and social media.

To achieve our goal of becoming the leading advocate for public education, a strong external relations strategy is essential.

Our primary goals are:

  1. Reflecting our vision, mission, and values in our programs, services, and products.
  2. Clarifying how and in what ways the key work of local school boards reflects grassroots democracy in action.
  3. Emphasizing the clear focus of America’s school boards on advancing student achievement through strong local governance.
  4. Establishing how America’s public schools benefit our wider society and prepare students for college and career readiness.