2017 State of the Association Report

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Working with and through our state associations, NSBA advocates for equity and excellence in public education through school board leadership. We believe education is a civil right necessary to the dignity and freedom of the American people, and all children should have equal access to an education that maximizes his or her individual potential.
Since 1940, NSBA has been a powerful advocate for children in public schools, and today there are more than 50 million students who can count on the association to be their champion. Indeed, we continue to vigorously advocate within the administration, on Capitol Hill, and in the state and federal courts, and support those efforts with a robust effort to influence public opinion about the universal right of children to receive a high-quality public education.
As a vitally important issue that requires more dialogue, ideas, and action, NSBA made a commitment in its Strategic Plan to focus on improving equity in education. A key component of the Plan includes providing specific equity programming for the nation’s 90,000 school board members, who belong to the state school boards associations, as well as to their superintendents and other administrators.

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