COSA Webinar: Copyright in the Classroom

Students and teachers are constantly using different kinds of social media today, both for personal and professional use. Students are creating work for class, but are also privately posting such works online to share with friends and family. Teachers are creating lesson plans from scratch for use in their classrooms, but are also selling them online to other educators. Some are also using commercially available materials, videos, movies, performances, etc., as part of their curricular activities.

Conflict in Transgender (Title IX) Law and Legal Ethics

Two roads diverge in transgender Title IX law. One presents the position of OCR, the other, emerging standards from courts. Which "perhaps has the better claim?" And how do our ethical obligations as attorneys play a role in our actions and advice to our clients in this unsettled area? By exploring ethics rules, OCR enforcement guidance and case law tensions, we'll never really know or "travel both and be one traveler..." But we hope it makes "all the difference." (Apologies to Robert Frost)

Students with Allergies and Infectious Diseases - 504 Plans, Individual Health Care Plans, Emergency Action Plans, and Federal Guidance

Allergies are becoming more prevalent among children, leaving school districts responsible for determining how best to address issues involving students with allergies. This webinar provides information all school attorneys should know about accommodating students with allergies - including how to determine whether a student needs a Section 504 Plan, an Individual Health Care Plan, an Emergency Action Plan, or some combination thereof.

Federal Update: An Inside Look at Congressional and Agency Activity Affecting Public Schools

Don't miss this opportunity to get up-to-date on the status of key education policy initiatives in Washington. NSBA legal and legislative staff provide insights and information on such big-ticket items as school lunches and E-Rate funding, as well as recent guidance and directives from the Department of Education and other agencies.

COSA Webinar: OCR Guidance on Equity in Access to Educational Resources: The Inside Story

On October 1 2014, the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights issued a significant guidance document on the topic of equal access to educational resources. In this webinar offered to COSA members, two OCR officials provide context and explanation of the directives contained in the letter, as well as unique insights into the process OCR is using to conduct investigations. They will also highlight remedies imposed in recent cases. Please bring your questions: half of our time will be devoted to Q&A. Register now for this webinar.

COSA Webinar: School Bonds and Federal Disclosure Compliance Requirements for Issuers

As participants in the municipal bond market, school districts that issue bonds for school infrastructure, short-term revenue purposes and other projects are subject to post-issuance compliance, as regulated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This webinar will provide very timely information to school districts about the SEC's Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation Initiative (MCDC Initiative) and the December 1, 2014 deadline to file.

Webinar: Leading the Digital Leap: Creating a Digitally-Enabled Ecosystem

Taking a “digital leap” means providing technology-based learning environments for all children, regardless of the schools they attend. We've already answered the why (the importance of technology in expanding learning horizons has been proven), so planning a digital leap is increasingly about the how.

National Connection Webinar: Common Core and Nonfiction Reading

One of the biggest changes in the Common Core standards is the emphasis on reading nonfiction. CPE research shows why the ability to analyze and interpret informational texts is a vital skill for students to develop. Join this 15-minute webinar LIVE and discuss the topic with your board-superintendent team. Learn how you can set your students up for success.

Webinar: Recent Guidance from the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice: Title IX, Section 504/ADA and more

Invite your school district clients to join you as the NSBA legal staff reviews important recent guidance documents issued by the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice.  We'll cover topics such as Title IX and sexual violence (especially with respect sexual orientation and gender identity), the ADA Effective Communication regulation, racial disparities in student discipline, Charter Schools, student records and data, and more.  We will discuss how the guidance documents reflect policy initiatives and how NSBA is engaging with the Departments on these issues. 

Webinar: Immigration Issues and Public School Attendance: Registering and Serving Undocumented Students and Employer Compliance

With Congress' inactivity on the immigration front has come a wave of Executive initiatives and state laws, sometimes at odds with one another. In this program, an experienced school attorney provides a checklist of immigration-related issues that may be raised by your school district clients in the upcoming schools year: from undocumented student rights to employer requirements to preparing for enforcement activity by ICE. The presenter will also provide a "what to do if" resource for school administrators with several immigration-related scenarios.


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