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NSBA Executive Dir. & CEO Thomas J. Gentzel Provides Expert Testimony to District Policy Makers on Teacher Turnover

School districts across the country struggle to attract and retain highly qualified teachers, a situation particularly acute in the District of Columbia (D.C.), where a quarter of teachers leave their school every year.

Ron Clark: Help your best teachers

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Schools are like buses. Some teachers are runners; others are joggers and walkers. Then there are riders. “The true problem is the people sitting on the bus,” said Ron Clark. “They drag everyone down.”

Clark, former Teacher of the Year and the founder of the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, spoke at the School Leaders Luncheon Saturday at NSBA’s annual conference in Nashville. During his presentation, he moved constantly throughout the room, jumping up on empty chairs and making eye contact with the audience.

Rethinking teacher tenure

A hundred years ago, teachers could be fired for any reason: race, creed, political favoritism, marriage, pregnancy. In the 1920s, some unlucky teachers were terminated for wearing pants.

While no one wants to return to those days, many people believe that the teacher tenure pendulum has swung too far the other way, making it nearly impossible for school districts to terminate ineffective teachers.

CPE Briefing Room

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