School Security

Fostering Safer Schools

Fostering School Safety offers school board members legal guidance to help school boards find best practices for their districts. The guide covers policies and programs that promote safe learning environments and ideas on how to collaborate with local law enforcement officials to assess threats. The guide also provides districts with direction on school safety planning and how to understand liability risks and insurance options.


Data Security for Schools: A Legal and Policy Guide for School Boards

Using an FAQ format, this guide offers school boards information to help them ensure that their districts have sound policies and practices in place to protect all the data created, collected and stored as part of school operations and to respond appropriately in the event of a data breach.

Electronic School: Security Goes High-Tech

High-Tech Security

Technology offers solutions to security dilemmas

Glenn Cook

Technology and security are inextricably linked in K-12 schools. From dealing with crisis situations to safeguarding student and staff data, how you use the tools at your disposal is critical.

Bomb Scare

Hoax or real danger? School leaders grapple with reactions to bomb threats

Del Stover

When school officials received a bomb threat at Massachusetts’ Medford High School in February, they leapt to action. Well-rehearsed protocols included an assessment of the threat’s credibility, a search of the building, and consultations with local law enforcement.

Security Checkpoint

Three years after Sandy Hook, the horrific tragedy spurred schools to intensify security efforts

Dennis Pierce

In Hudson, Ohio, the city’s middle and high schools had security cameras for a number of years. Administrators carried two-way radios, and each school practiced lockdown drills twice per year to prepare for possible intruders.

Schott v. Wenk (U.S. - Petition Brief)

Liability: §1983 liability of mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse or neglect; even when (a) there is a reasonable basis to suspect abuse and (b) the report is not materially false—impermissibly chill child abuse reporting across the nation; (2) Can a First Amendment retaliation claim be maintained under Section 1983 against a statutorily mandated reporter of known or suspected child abuse when there is evidence in the record that would support a reasonable basis to suspect abuse and the report is not materially false; (3) Is a statutorily mandated reporter of known or suspected chi

Bryner v. Canyons School District

Utah Court of Appeals holds that videotape from security camera at middle school was subject to disclosure restrictures pursuant to FERPA because the tape constituted a educational record within the meaning of FERA.

School Safety

Learn more about issues concerning student safety, school violence, student rights, harassment, and bullying.

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