School Law Resources

NSBA: Drugs, Substance Abuse, and Public Schools

NSBA: Drugs, Substance Abuse, and Public Schools - A Legal Guide for School Leaders Amidst Evolving Social Norms

Davison v. Rose (4th Cir.)

Governance: Whether public office holder's private social media account constitutes a public forum for Fisrt Amendment purposes?

M.R. v. Ridley School District

Third Circuit order denying petition for rehearing en banc.

Data Security Breaches - I&A Aug. 2016

August 2016 Inquiry & Analysis - Protecting Personal Information: Managing and Preventing Data Security Breaches

Data Security for Schools: A Legal and Policy Guide for School Boards

Using an FAQ format, this guide offers school boards information to help them ensure that their districts have sound policies and practices in place to protect all the data created, collected and stored as part of school operations and to respond appropriately in the event of a data breach.

Carcano v. McCrory

District court order continuing discovery and staying proceedings for 90 days.


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