School Board Leadership Services


Key Work Circle Accountability School board accountability means taking your fair share of responsibility for student outcomes. Being accountable means answering not only for your actions but also for the results of your actions.


Key Work Circle VisionEnsuring that public education will meet emerging challenges requires a clear vision for the work and operations of school boards in the future. With that vision before us, we can shape proactive strategies that make boards more relevant, credible, and effective leaders of public education.

The Key Work of School Boards

An Updated Framework for Improving Student Achievement

Key Work of School Boards components for student achievement: vision, accountability, policy, community leadership, relationships.

A Case for Improving Superintendent Evaluation

Superintendents and boards play a key role in the performance and outcomes of school systems. Fair, valid, and objective evaluation of a superintendent’s performance is imperative for supporting the work of the superintendent and holding the system accountable for success. As Peterson suggested and emerging research supports, school boards and their members are capable of doing this hard work. Effective and fair evaluation of the superintendent may be one of the most important ways school boards can lead an aligned and highly effective school system.

School Board Leadership Services

NSBA provides a range of tools, information, and resources to help school boards impact student achievement through effective school governance.

Superintendent Search

The National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS) is the most experienced network of executive search professionals in the country. We support this national network for state school boards associations as their best resource for finding and recruiting qualified school superintendents.

State school boards association search professionals are uniquely qualified to provide a highly specialized, well-organized search that will attract quality candidates and adhere to the highest standards of ethics and effective school governance.


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