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Perdue v. Kenny A. (U.S. Sup. Ct.)

Section 1988:  Attorneys’ fees--Enhancement award based on quality of representation and results achieved. Filed June 29, 2009.

Bon Voyage! A Legal and Policy Making Guide for School Boards on International Student Travel

The guide explains the three types of international student travel, which include school sponsored and school district managed, school sponsored and tour-company managed, and non-school sponsored/private trips, providing guidance on recommended district-led policies for each. In addition, the report promotes improved understanding of outside tour companies, insurance policies, liability issues, and academic credit programs.

NSBA's Council of School Attorneys Honors Two Pillars of School Law Community

New Orleans  (April 4, 2014) - The National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) Council of School Attorneys (COSA) honored two school board attorneys who have provided exemplary service to school board clients and the school law community at the 2014 Annual School Law Seminar.  Both men are receiving the award in recognition of their long and outstanding service to public schools, the profession, and the mission of COSA to “improve the practice of school law by providing leadership in legal advocacy for public schools.”

COSA Membership and Enrollment Form

COSA has an affiliated membership agreement with 37 state attorneys’ councils. Check the list of states prior to completing this membership enrollment form. If your state is not affilated with COSA, then download this form and return to us.

School Law Seminars and Webinars

COSA offers seminars and webinars for its members, as well as CLE credits for attending. 


The Bylaws of COSA


Pursuant to Article XVI of the Constitution & Bylaws of the National School Boards Association (hereinafter referred to as the "NSBA"), a Council of School Attorneys (hereinafter referred to as the "COSA") is hereby created. COSA shall be organized and operated in accordance with these bylaws and the Constitution & Bylaws of the NSBA.

How COSA Works

Court Room

NSBA formed COSA in 1967 to provide information and practical assistance to attorneys who represent public school boards. Our Office of General Counsel and COSA staff provide professional and executive support and programming for our members, school attorneys, and school leaders across the United States and in our International Partner countries. COSA also supports the legal advocacy efforts of NSBA.

What School Lawyers Do

School lawyers advise school districts on legal matters and help school boards comply with state and federal regulations.

Add a School Law Job

COSA members, state school board association members, and school districts can use this form to post school law jobs to our site.

School Law Jobs

View the latest job openings for school lawyers from all over the United States and Canada.


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