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2019 NHC Nominating Procedures

NSBA's Councils: Supporting the unique needs of historically disadvantaged students

NSBA has four councils that represent school board members in districts with underserved students. The councils—the National American Indian/Alaska Native Council of School Board Members (AIAN), the National Black Council of School Board Members (NBC), the Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE), and the National Hispanic Council (NHC)—have been working for years to ensure that school board members both understand and are equipped to support the unique needs of historically disadvantaged children.

Latino Leadership Forum: Supporting Latino students

The challenges facing Latino students, especially those who are undocumented, and keeping them safe, secure, and academically thriving and prepared for college or career were the focus of two panel discussions during the Latino Leadership Forum Monday at the NSBA Annual Conference in San Antonio.

Cisneros: Two futures for America

Former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros welcomed school board leaders to his home town Saturday at the luncheon with a history lesson on the city’s key role as “an incubator role with respect to Latino progress” in America.

It was home to the first Spanish language radio station; the first Spanish language TV station (“the cornerstone for Univision TV”); and the founding home of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), the nation’s leading Latino legal civil rights organization, among others.

NSBA’s Vision for Equity in Public Education

The promise of public education is for every child to succeed in school and life. To realize this promise, every child must be given resources, supports, and interventions based on his or her needs. The nation's school boards are uniquely positioned to fulfill this promise to all students, which is why NSBA is committed to educational equity for all children in public schools.

Equity Symposium Registration & Housing


Registration Fee

National Connection Districts: $195
General Registration: $225

Purchase Orders must be paid by January 11, 2019. Badges will not be printed onsite without full payment. To pay by credit card you must register online.

Pivotal civil rights case you probably never heard about

Several years before a welder named Oliver Brown decided his daughter ought to be able to attend the public school nearest his home in Topeka, Kansas, a prosperous Mexican-American asparagus farmer named Gonzalo Mendez became incensed that a school across the street from his ranch in Orange County, Calif., refused to admit his children.

National Hispanic Council of School Board Member List

The National Hispanic Council of School Board Members operates under a Board of Directors.

Caucus/Council News: Fall 2015

School boards are well aware that children -- particularly those living in low-income households -- benefit enormously from the safe environment, enriching activities, and supportive and caring mentorship offered by after-school programs.


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