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School Rx Cooperative

NSBA School Rx Cooperative is a new and innovative pharmacy program that delivers cost savings and the most advanced prescription management capabilities for self-funded clients. The Cooperative currently has an enrollment of over 400,000 and growing! The size and negotiating strength of NSBA allows our members to take advantage of volume discount pricing and the most generous manufacturer rebates.

Q&A: Get Connected

Ron Skinner, direcotor of NSBA's National Connection, and his daughters.

Ron Skinner, director of NSBA’s National Connection, answers questions about the program that connects school boards and districts to a national network.

What is National Connection?

National Connection New Benefits July 2015

A list of new benefits available to National Connection members starting in July 2015.

National Connection Webinar: Common Core and Nonfiction Reading

One of the biggest changes in the Common Core standards is the emphasis on reading nonfiction. CPE research shows why the ability to analyze and interpret informational texts is a vital skill for students to develop. Join this 15-minute webinar LIVE and discuss the topic with your board-superintendent team. Learn how you can set your students up for success.

Coordinator, State Association Partnership Services

The National School Boards Association seeks a detail-oriented professional to provide general support to its State Association Partnership Services department, and its National Connection and Buyboard programs.

School Law Jobs

View the latest job openings for school lawyers from all over the United States and Canada.

Module 2 - Identify Prospects & Research Resources

This is Module 2 of your grant training - and where you’ll really begin to dive into the core of the program.


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