Magna Awards

Leadership and the ‘Fifth Discipline’

Peter Senge’s work on systems thinking applies to school leadership

James Leatherman

Q and A with Jennifer Loren

Critical Care

Being a Cherokee citizen is an important aspect of Jennifer Loren’s life. So, the opportunity to shift from the anchor desk for a Tulsa, Oklahoma TV station to creating a first-of-its kind TV news magazine showcasing the stories of Cherokee Nation people came as a welcome shock. “My jaw hit the floor,” Loren says.

Seeking Counsel: Risky Business

Critical Care

School leaders can take a systemic approach to risk management

Melissa L. Barber

Database: Critical Consumers

Critical Care

Preparing future citizens in a post-truth era

Patte Barth

Post-truth: adjective. relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.—Oxford English Dictionary 2016 international word of the year

Public Advocacy: Rogue on Board

Critical Care

Gadfly board members wreak havoc within and outside the district

Glenn Cook

Imagine your reaction if your child comes home with a note from the teacher that reads, “Does not play well with others.” Your first response is to try to understand what is happening and why, followed by finding ways to improve the situation. If necessary, you bring in others to help.

Equity: Equity Work

Critical Care

Support for districts with underserved student populations

Verjeana Jacobs

Hard Truth

Critical Care

Solving segregation starts with a history lesson

Richard Rothstein

Elements of Successful Schools

Critical Care

Schools succeed when educators, parents, and communities collaborate

Joetta Sack-Min

What are the essential elements of successful schools? It seems like a relatively simple question, but we know that K-12 education is a complex endeavor. And too often the dialogue about public education is being controlled by people who aren’t necessarily education experts or even part of the education community.

Tech Support

Critical Care

Pros and cons of IT outsourcing

Michelle Healy

The signs were there. It was time for Missouri’s Pierce City R-VI School District to take the leap and upgrade its tech services.

First, the district’s technology director announced plans to retire, recalls Russ Moreland, superintendent of the 700-student district in Lawrence County, located in the southwest region of the state.


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