Magna Awards

Help Students Build Their Future While Staying Debt-Free

Employment in the electrical and high-tech information systems industry is projected to grow significantly over the next ten years, with increases in construction spending and growing demand for alternative power generation, such as solar and wind, driving demand for electricians. The route to careers in the electrical industry is via apprenticeship.

Bethlehem Area Schools Make Stunning Strides In Reading

Kindergarten Benchmarks Increase From 47% to 92% In Just Three Years!

Sixteen elementary schools, in the 6th largest district in Pennsylvania, soar to success in raising their kindergarten benchmark scores to an unprecedented level of achievement by implementing a comprehensive MTSS process with Step By Step Learning®.

Assessment Audits: Tools for Early Identification and Intervention

Is your district spending too much time and money on assessment?

Are you collecting data that doesn’t get used?

Do you struggle to keep up with state and federal testing requirements?

Assessment is an essential component of effective educational delivery systems. However, many districts struggle to find the right combination of answering important questions about student learning, while minimizing time away from instruction.

Diversity in School Leadership

Improving teacher training programs will help recruit more minority teachers

Luis Mojica​

Start With The Babies

Micah Ali

“It is so hard when students come to us already behind academically,” is a lament often heard from educators, even in preschool. The comment is warranted. Many children enter the public education system at kindergarten unprepared or with unidentified developmental delays—with the gap usually being the largest among black students.

Trust Restored

A Nevada board and superintendent work to repair their governance relationship

Michelle Healy​

Fiscal Health

Keep tabs on your district’s financial condition

Joseph J. Tramontana

Living Laboratories

STEM subjects come alive in school gardens

Robin L. Flanigan

To teach sixth-graders about biotic and abiotic factors in the microclimate of an ecosystem, Dietrich Nebert, a science teacher at Riverdale Grade School in Portland, Oregon, leads them to the school’s outdoor classroom and garden space. The students then collect soil, leaves, flower petals, sand, and other small samples pinched between strips of clear tape.

History Lessons

The challenge of teaching history in volatile times

Glenn Cook​

Patrick Pyle’s love of history and teaching becomes clear within five minutes of meeting him, but when the subject turns to education politics, the social studies director for the San Antonio Independent School District shows that he’s mastered the Texas sidestep.


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