Magna Awards

How to Promote Effective Professional Development in Your District

A new framework addresses PD challenges

Jon Saderholm, Bob Ronau, Margaret J. Mohr-Schroeder, Chris Rakes, and Sarah B. Bush

Fixing the Educator Shortage at the District Level

School leaders can take concrete actions to help

Sarah J. Kaka, Robert Mitchell, and Grant Clayton

Business of Education

Critical Care

Design for the future

Well-designed school facilities can improve efficiency and lower operating costs but also elevate the learning experience, says Taryn Kinney, a principal with the integrated design firm DLR Group. Architecture is one piece of an equation that can “actually move teaching and learning and the human behaviors that happen within a school forward,” Kinney says.

Seeking Counsel: Speaking Up on School Safety

Critical Care

NSBA delivers an urgent message in Washington

Francisco M. Negrón Jr. and Sonja Trainor

In the wake of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and the extraordinary student activism that followed, Washington once again turns its attention to school safety.

Public Advocacy: All About the Money

Critical Care

Keep your community informed about your budget

Glenn Cook

Adults Behaving Badly

School leaders can help reduce negativity and conflict in their schools

Rebecca Coda and Rick Jetter

Climate Concerns

Focus on your learning environment for student success

David Hutchinson and Jonathan Cohen

Farmers grow crops with yields many times greater than they were only a few generations ago. How did this happen? They began by paying closer attention to the soil—working to optimize the growing environment for their crops.

Working Vacation

Educators use summer break as a time for learning

Glenn Cook

Allison Mackley describes herself as a “professional learner,” whether she’s working in the library at Pennsylvania’s Hershey High School or presenting on a topic at the district, state, or national level.

“I live life to learn professionally,” says Mackley, a National Board Certified Teacher Librarian and instructional technology coach. “All I do in life is part of that.”

Security Retrofit

Features added to older buildings help keep students safe

Charles Sosnik


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