Federal Programs

Background on Federal Funding

NSBA supports full federal funding for key education programs with proven results, such as Title I and IDEA, which have supported millions of students for decades.

NSBA's Actions in Support of Federal Funding

Read about NSBA’s actions regarding federal funding for education: letters to Congress and federal agencies, recommendations, policy statements, and grassroots calls to action.

NSBA's Position on Federal Funding

NSBA supports increasing federal funding for existing education programs before considering funding new programs that have not yet demonstrated positive results.

Education Technology and E-Rate

NSBA supports federal funding for education technology and E-Rate, the federal program that provides discounts for Internet connectivity for public schools and libraries.

Child Nutrition

School nutrition is vital in fostering a healthy learning environment for children to succeed. NSBA supports school districts’ authority to address local needs.

Early Childhood Education

Learn more about high-quality preschool education programs and why NSBA supports federal funding for them.

Federal Policy Coordinators Network

Federal Policy Coordinators Network allows you to influence the policy-making process and to ensure that the decision-makers in Washington, D.C. now how these polices will impact your school district.


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