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Issue Brief: Local School Board Governance and Flexibility

The responsibility for education resides with the states which, in turn, have delegated substantial authority to local educational agencies, which are governed by local school boards. The role of the local school board is to develop policies, set priorities, and provide accountability to direct the operation of its schools.

Issue Brief: Federal Funding

Increasing the federal share of funding for special education is paramount, and should be addressed before considering future funding for newly created programs that may not have proven results for program effectiveness.  Specifically, funding for competitive grant programs should be weighed against the need to address Congress’ promise to fund the federal share of a 40-year-old mandate (i.e., IDEA) that has superseded other local budget priorities for the majority of school districts and communities.  IDEA must be fully funded—as well as requirements from the Elementary and Secondary

Issue Brief: Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

NSBA advocates for a comprehensive, strategic reauthorization of ESEA that provides school districts the flexibility and resources they need to respond to the educational challenges in their local communities. 


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