Bringing girls to STEM

When high school students are asked about their interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers, about a third of the boys say they are very interested. Only one in five of the girls say the same thing.

This data has not changed since 2003, said Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow. Her group has been polling and collecting data on students and technology for decades.

Luncheon speaker advice on understanding urban youth

Michael Eric Dyson, author, radio host, and professor of sociology at Georgetown University, assured the Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) Luncheon attendees Saturday at NSBA's annual conference in Nashville that he was there to be a cheerleader for them, and to discuss how they can help themselves, help their boards, and ultimately help their students.

In a lively talk heavily laced with music references old and new, Dyson shared some suggestions for board members faced with the challenge of governing urban school districts.

2015 Benjamin Mays Award Application

Click the link below to view and save the 2015 Benjamin Elijah Mays Lifetime Achievement Award criteria and application instructions.

CUBE Presentation: Improving Achievement and Closing Gaps in Urban School Districts

By Adrienne Dixson, Ph.D., Associate Professor Education Policy, Organization and Leadership, College of Education at Illinois
2014 CUBE 47th Annual Conference, Miami, Florida

CUBE Presentation: Build Effective Wraparound and Advocacy

By Mary Merino and Rickie Clark, Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. (Y.A.P.); Jacinto Ramos, Second Vice President, Fort Worth Independent School Board
2014 CUBE 47th Annual Conference, Miami, Florida

Cube Presentation: Year-Round Advocacy - Strategies For Success

By Deborah A. Rigsby, Director, Federal Legislation, NSBA
2014 CUBE 47th Annual Conference, Miami, Florida

CUBE Presentation: Using Mobile Technology to Promote Equitable Learning Opportunities for Children

Clifford S. Powell, Assistant Principal, MC2STEM High School, Cleveland Metropolitan Schools, Ohio
2014 CUBE 47th Annual Conference, Miami, Florida

CUBE Presentation: Bridging the Urban Digital Divide

By Kecia Ray, Ed.D., Executive Director of Learning Technology, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
2014 CUBE 47th Annual Conference, Miami, Florida

The digital divide, in brief, is the gap between people who have access to computer technology and people who don't. It appears that, even as record numbers of Americans go online, the gap may be growing. Before it can be closed, the questions of who is caught in it—and why—must be answered.


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