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This handout was given as an example in the "Defining Leadership for Equity in the Digital Age" Training Leadership Workshop at the 2014 CUBE Summer Issues Seminar.

Technology Initiative Proposal Submission Form

This handout was given as an example in the "Defining Leadership for Equity in the Digital Age" Training Leadership Workshop at the 2014 CUBE Summer Issues Seminar.

Defining Leadership for Equity in the Digital Age

Technology is rapidly changing how citizens live, learn, and earn. As the nation places a priority on access to high-speed broadband networks and new digital platforms, how can urban schools ensure that they have access to infrastructure, funding, and resources to successfully integrate and leverage new technologies? A group of academic, policy, foundation, and community-based experts share public policies that can support broadband access in schools, and programs designed to assist in the expansion of community-based access.

Common Core State Standards and English Language Learners: Challenges & Opportunities for Academic Success

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) present both challenges and opportunities for English language learners (ELLs) to raise their academic performance and narrow the achievement gap. As school districts begin to adjust their programs to meet the expectations of the CCSS, they are faced with the responsibility of ensuring that English language learners (ELLs) gain access to the curriculum and develop the academic language skills required by the CCSS. This clinic will outline the benefi ts and challenges of the CCSS with respect to ELLs.

Envisioning Parental Engagement in Urban Schools

Parent involvement has increasingly been mandated as a key component of school reform, and school community relations courses (as well as standards for administrators) call for collaborating with diverse families and communities. Yet the role of school leaders in engaging parents is underdeveloped in the literature and in preparation programs. How do leaders envision parent engagement and construct their role in promoting it in urban school districts? What contextual factors enable and constrain leadership for parent engagement?

Understanding and Expecting Greatness from Children

In this presentation, Elizabeth Skinner, Ph.D., focuses not only on the learning challenges associated with poverty but also on the great opportunities that exist. The audience will be introduced to effective pragmatic approaches to improve the learning of children who live in impoverished conditions. The presentation will challenge school boards to evaluate their policies and programs to make sure they are focused on “high expectations and equity.”

Presenter: Elizabeth Skinner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, College of Education, Illinois State University

Improving Urban Schools: Equity and Access in K-12 STEM Education for All Students

The rate of technological innovation and change has been tremendous over the past 10 years, and this rapid increase will only continue. STEM literacy is the power to “identify, apply, and integrate concepts from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to understand complex problems and to innovate to solve them” (Washington state STEM, 2011, Internet). In order for U.S. students to be forefront of this revolution, ALL of our schools need to be part of the STEM vision and guide students in acquiring STEM literacy.

The Westside Debaters

The Westside Debaters are a one-of-a-kind groundbreaking team at Westside Elementary in Roanoke, Va. The team is made up of fifth-grade students. Established four years ago, The Westside Debate Team helps students to establish and perfect confidence, articulation and presence while speaking. In April 2013, The Westside Debaters were named the recipients of NSBA’s 2013 Magna Award. They are currently researching and exploring the issue of the 60th Anniversary of The Brown v. Board Supreme Court Ruling. Their debate is centered on the theme, “Brown v.

Why Race & Culture Matters

In this interactive session, Dr. Tyrone Howard outlines data that demonstrates the role race and culture continue to have on the educational outcomes of students in urban schools. Drawing from years of research identifying best practices and effective programs, this session will highlight meaningful strategies and approaches to facilitate teaching and learning across racial and cultural lines.

Presenter: Dr. Tyrone Howard, Professor of Education, UCLA

School Desegregation: Learn, Preserve, and Empower

AARP Virginia formed a partnership with Old Dominion University, the Virginia Conference NAACP, and the Urban League of Virginia to collect stories and historic documents detailing Virginia’s historic and often painful past during Massive Resistance and the desegregation of its public schools. Luck will share the interesting travels of this exhibit, lessons learned from the trailblazers of history, and how AARP Virginia finds relevance in hosting listening sessions that spark “healing conversations” in hopes of connecting more communities to help our youth of tomorrow.


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